Flag Care & Advice

Your Flag's Lifespan

A flag's lifespan is often in the hands of it's owner. National Flag estimates that a polyester flag will last approximately 90 days if it is only flown from sunrise to sunset. Flags flown 24 hours a day will not last as long. Larger flags have a shorter life span than smaller flags because they are exposed to higher wind speeds and the fly ends have a stronger whiplash effect.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Strong winds and rain can cause damage to flags of all fabrics. It is strongly advisable to take flags down at sunset. All flags of all sizes have to be inspected on a by-weekly basis for any wear and tear and if detected, should be mended immediately. We reccommend that it is best to purchase 2 to 3 flags.  Therefore the flags can be rotated on a regular basis, cleaned and mended whilst always having a flag on display.

Caring For Your Flag

  • Flags are not to be stored whilst damp as they become moldy.  Allow the flags to dry and store them in a moisture-proof container.
  • Minor repairs can be done to flags on condition that the repairs are not noticeable and is still a fitting emblem. Flags in bad condition should be retired and replaced of.
  • Position your flagpole in a clear area where your flag won't whip against rough surfaces, branches or anything it can snag on.
  • Keep your flagpole clean and in good repair. Rust can stain and corrode your flag and rough edges can tear it.